1962 – 1963

The beginning of the orchestra is dated back to the year 1962-3 and is based on former players from children´s brass band led by the teacher Mr. Livora.


The small brass band consisted mainly of Melodik orchestra members, was led for some time by Mr. Nadvornik. In 1973 the band was stabilized. It started to work under the Firemen organization of Lysa and the number of members increased to 25. In this form the band successfully represented Czech firemen in the international congress CTIF in Brno. Thanks to the show of firemen's brass band in Havlíčkův Brod, the orchestra increased to approximately 35 members in 1980. Josef Švejda became the musical director and Jiří Fišer obtained the organizing leading role.

1986 – 1991

The brass band with this collective reached many successes - for example the victory in regional competition (1986) and fourth place in national competition of medium-sized brass bands (1987). It was a big success when the orchestra gained the same number of points as the brass band of North Bohemian Brown Coal District from Most which had much more better conditions.

The orchestra performed in the near vicinity, few times in Kmochův Kolín, and has been invited to play also abroad. The orchestra visited for example Strengberg (1984) in Austria, Bechtolsheim (1987 and 1989), Ditellsheim (1991) and Passau (few times in period from 1987 to 1989) in former Western Germany. In addition to that the brass band kept fellowship with firemen from Alt Ruppin (former Eastern Germany).

After the year 1991the orchestra´s activities have been reduced for a while, and when the conductor Mr. Miroslav Císař offered his help the orchestra began to stabilise itself. New and young players have come and invitations to foreign shows accumulated.


Until the year 2000 the brass band performed regularly every year on festival in Korsofahrt in Alt Ruppin. In this year the invitation to international display in the town Koprivnički Ivanec has come and after that also came invitation to the music festival of compatriots in Daruvaru ( Croatia ). The success has been supported by the list of thanks from Czech consul, who participated as the guest of honour. In 2001 the brass band visited together with dance group Daisy (from Kolín) carnevals in towns St.Quentin a Estaires in France and also participated in the first year of firemen brass bands festival in Pelhřimov.


In year 2002 we were invited to slovene town Postojna. This action really was a success - one day at the seaside, visiting of caves in Postojna, celebrations of 100 years of firemen in Studen, visiting of Predjam castle and last of all the sport activities and picnic with local musicians - the aforementioned belonged to the main experiences there.


In year 2003 the orchestra (together with majorettes from Kolín) performed on celebrations of national holiday at French riviera in towns Solies Pont and Bergemon in Provance.


The year 2004 have been rich on tours - after few years the brass band has returned to the region of rhine wine - Dittelsheim and again to the the music festival of compatriots in Daruvar, Croatia. At that time, when nobody has expected it, the invitation from Passau has come, followed by performance in this beatiful town and another one invitation came from german spa Bad Fussing.


In year 2005 the planned tour to France wasn´t unfortunately realized, due fact the french euroreferendum took place there. The tour to Alt Ruppin has been realized instead, and on 125 years´ celebrations of local firemen the brass band and majorettes called an attention to them in the parade and at the night the brass band from Lysá nad Labem gained itself a acquired the big success.


Within main actions in 2006 belonged the participation in the show of fireman brass bands in Oslo, Norway. The brass band marched through the town of Oslo with escort of police forces on horses, performed at one of main squares together with Oslo Branvessen Musikkorps on concert in local hall.


The tour in year 2007 took place in croatian Daruvar, where the local brass band (lead by Mr. Dalibor Veselý- the czech-croatian with relatives in Lysá nad Labem) celebrated 85 years of its existence. We have been given a warm welcome and the picnic with roasted ram in beatiful surroundings won´t be forgotten for whole life.


In 7th June 2008 the orchestra performed on 130 years´ celebrations of fire brigade volunteers in Lysá nad Labem. The tour of the year took place in Postojna town, where one of best brass bands celebrated 200 years of its existence. ( just as a matter of interest the Kmoch´s brass band exists 140 years).


In 2009 the international show of brass bands took place in Koprivnica, Croatia. The brass band from Lysá was also present. In comparison to internetional competition, our performance got nearly the best evaluation. On 15th November our brass band together with Kmoch´s brass band music organised the concert at the occasion of 80th birthday of conductor and composer Miroslav Císař. Several honoured guests even from abroad appeared and it emerged that our brass band can be the partner of such well known ensemble as Kmoch´s brass band music from Kolín.


One of the interesting shows has been the substitute for the Band of the Castle Guards and Police of the Czech Republic during handing over the honest standard to Central Bohemian Police forces. The show was held in Kutná Hora at the attendance of regional council president and many honourable guests. Our brass band didn´t bring shame on itself at all. The other performances held in this year were The Days of Rescue Workers in Nymburk and Dobruška and performing in beautiful surroundings of Přerov n. Labem accompanied by the rain shower. In 2010 we made a tour to Šamorín in Slovakia, where the local brass band celebrated its anniversary. Experience: the fantastic audience of local musicians, outstanding gin, nice swimming in thermal spa and visit of hydraulic structure Gabčíkovo.


In 2011 a tour to show of brass bands of compatriots was realized in Daruvar, Croatia. The croatian television recorded our performance and the shot appeared on their first channel. The brass band performed on successful show in monastery at the end of August, in the eve of count Špork´s celebrations, in Lysá nad Labem. During the year our brass band took part in Central Bohemian Beer Festival in Dobrá u Kladna, Sadská, Přerov and Čelákovice.

Annually as the highlight of the year our brass band organises traditional Christmas concert and few volunteers liven the atmosphere up by blowing of Christmas carols from church tower on the Christmas day.


First even of this year took its place on 28th of April, when our orchestra performed in Velká Dobrá for Central Bohemian Beer Festival. 2nd of June 2012 we had two shows. In the morning at Regional Firefighting Competition in Mladá Boleslav, which was very succesfull, as we have recieved a letter of praise from Col. Ing. Jan Lejsek. For our afternoon show we moved to Lysá nad Labem and played at Bedřich Hrozný square for its opening ceremony. In the month of July and following August, a set of concerts called Brass band at the Castle has started. A lovely brass music was played not only for Retirement Home audience, but also for ears of public. Showed publicity has exceeded our expectations.

Trip of the year 2012 was held at the end of July at international Brass band parade in Balaton, Hungary. Orchestra sucessfully performed with a strong competition coming from Hungary, Germany and Swiss. During this show we were surprised by quick evacuation from the tent, which was needed due to bad weather. Fall 2012, Brass band performed within Jubilee Celebrations of firefighters in Byšičky, then 1st September in Čelakovice, Unhost and Brandys nad Labem. 16th of December there was a traditional Christmas concert. Eventhough a lack of advertising, all the places were taken and some chairs had to be brought extra.


The first concert of the year took place on May 8, 2013 in Čelakovice. 23rd August 2013 our orchestra performed at the Championships in the Czech Republic Fire Sport Mlada Boleslav. In July and August, there were series of concerts called "na zamku" either for Retirement Home staff and public. Tour 2013 was held on 7th and 8th of September to celebrate the anniversary of the firefighting orchestra Musikzug Hohen Neuendorf.

End of the year usual: 30.11.2013 Brass part of the orchestra performed at the welcoming advent in Lysa nad Labem. December 15th 2013 was held a traditional Christmas concert. Hall was crowded. On A Christmas day, several members of brass band emphasized the magic of Christmas by playing carols at the castle and in the church tower.